Park View City Lahore

Park View City Lahore is a project of Vision Group that emphasizes accessibility and comfort. It is located at Multan Road near Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore. The development usually includes residential plots, houses, and potentially other amenities like parks, schools, commercial areas, and other facilities within the community.

    About Park View City Lahore

    Park View City Lahore, often known as PVC Lahore, is a big housing project in Lahore, Pakistan. The Vision Group, a well-known company, has built this place. It’s really important in the property world and is placed smartly near Multan Road in Lahore. The area is made to look modern and cool, aiming to give the people who live there an awesome experience with fancy facilities and nice things.

    Famous Politician Aleem Khan is the proprietor of the Vision Group. All that is enough to show the credibility of that project. Vision Group has many large estate ventures on its list. Let us tell you more about this unique investment opportunity and the journey of Vision Group.

    Park View City Lahore Owners and Developers

    the owner and developer of Park View City Lahore is Vision Group. The Vision Group is a prominent urban development company that has undertaken various real estate projects, including residential and commercial developments.

    The Vision Group Ltd. Pvt was started in 1986. Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan is the CEO of the company right now.

    Park View City Lahore Location

    It is located at Multan Road, Lahore near Thokar Niaz Baig flyover. Multan Road is a major artery in Lahore and provides good connectivity to various parts of the city.

    Here are some easily accessible places from this residential society:

    • 5 minute drive to Daewoo Bus Terminal
    • 3 minute drive to Metro Shopping mall
    • 5 minute drive to M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
    • 15 minute drive to Raiwind Road, Lahore
    • 18 minute drive to Expo Center
    • 20 minute drive to Johar Town
    • 20 minute drive to Wapda Town
    • 25 minute drive to Defence Road, Lahore
    • 25 minute drive to L-20, Lahore Ring Road
    • 25 minute drive to Bahria Town
    • 25 minute drive to Valencia Housing Society
    • 30 minute drive to Allama Iqbal Town

    NOC Status

    There isn’t clear and reliable information about the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Park View City Lahore. It’s important for investors to verify if this housing area has the necessary legal permissions before making any deals.

    Having the NOC approved by specific authorities is crucial for the reputation of this residential community. The owners of Park View City have been actively working on getting the NOC approved through the legal process with LDA.

    Park View City Lahore Master Plan

    This plan covers a large area of about 5,000 Kanal of prime land in Lahore. The master plan of Park View City provides top-notch facilities and amenities to offer a luxurious and high-quality lifestyle.

    This society offers different sizes of residential and commercial plots.

    Residential Plots:

    • 3.5 Marla
    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Commercial Plots:

    • 5 Marla


    Below are the names of the available blocks in the society:

    • Golf Estate
    • The Walk
    • View Homes
    • Rose Block
    • Topaz Block
    • Jade Block
    • Pearl Block
    • Crystal Block
    • Orchard Block
    • Platinum Block
    • Tulip Overseas
    • Diamond Block
    • Executive Block
    • Overseas Commercial
    • Broadway Commercial

    Golf Estate

    The Golf Estate is a special part of Park View City Lahore that brings a new level of luxury to the real estate scene. It’s designed with top-notch international standards and sits right next to Bahria Enclave. This area is perfect for nature enthusiasts and golf fans, as it boasts a 9-hole golf course.

    Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    The Walk

    The Walk of PVC is the fanciest block in this residential area. It’s designed to be a place where you can find luxury brands. Picture shopping in a surreal atmosphere with bright neon lights in the Walk Block. In this block, there are plots up for grabs that are expected to bring in a lot of profit in the coming years.

    Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla

    View Homes

    Park View Homes is like a dream home for people who want to live in the best part of Lahore. These houses are a blend of great design and modern style, all located near the fascinating Multan Road.

    Living in these homes means having a top-notch residence with all the essentials. Park View Homes have continuous water, electricity, and gas services, 24/7 surveillance, and many other facilities for the residents.

    Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal
    • 2 Kanal
    • 4 Kanal

    Topaz Block

    The Topaz Block a new housing area within the community. It’s designed for a luxurious lifestyle, providing top-notch facilities and amenities to the future residents. You can find various plots available in this special part of PVC Lahore.

    Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla

    Crystal Block

    The Crystal Block is one of the best places to live in this society. It’s a realm of luxury and excellence, boasting amenities that rival global standards. People seeking a high-quality lifestyle with luxurious facilities will find this block to be the ideal choice.

    Plot Size:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Executive Block

    The Executive Block is a remarkable new addition to this housing area. It’s situated right next to the entrance of the society, close to the Platinum Block. One outstanding aspect of this block is the 300-kanal amusement park. Moreover, the block will have fantastic amenities and facilities for the people who live there.

    Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla

    Overseas Block

    The Overseas Block is made to give a luxurious and cozy lifestyle to investors from other countries. It’s all about offering top-notch international facilities to these investors in their own country. There are only a few plots in this special residential block of PVC.

    Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Tulip Overseas

    The Tulip Overseas Block is a brand new addition made specifically for Pakistanis living abroad. The infrastructure of this block is designed at a high international standard. It’s conveniently located and can be easily reached from Topaz Block, Crystal Block, Diamond Block, and Tulip Block.

    Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla

    Pearl Block

    The Pearl Block is a new living area in the society. It’s known for its beautiful architecture. One of the great things about this block is its fantastic location, skilled developers, and an easy payment plan, making it a good investment.

    Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla

    Silver Block

    The Silver Block is a recent addition to the housing area, and it’s a fantastic one. You can get both homes and places for businesses here, and the prices are reasonable.

    Residential Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Commercial Plot Sizes:

    • 5 Marla

    Major Facilities and Amenities of Park View City Lahore

    From the overall location, 5 percent is simply committed to eco-friendly areas as well as parks. The properties of Park View Society flaunt an attractive-looking inside with in-depth completion and also a comfortable area to live. The entire location borders fresh plantations and outstanding revitalizing opportunities all over it. Here is how parks and the green area cover it all.

    • The main park of 22 Kanal is prepared at the center of the whole area.
    • In addition to this, numerous little parks of 10 marlas to 2 Kanal are developed within the society.
    • All the parks have attractive landscapes with numerous uncommon plants, eco-friendly trees as well as special types of blossoms especially cultivated to improve aesthetics.
    • Especially for children, there are a backyard as well as swings and also pathways and also running tracks for morning walks.

    Educational Facilities and Universities

    Park View City Lahore will certainly have universities with the highest possible facilities. Over 8.8 Kanal of land which is roughly 39,600 sq. feet, is devoted to the education and learning center. It will also act as a nursing institute and a blend of unique medical facilities.

    Safety and security

    This is a housing project that has an incredibly risk-free area due to its innovative degree of protection determined around. There is a safety and security wall surface with minimal ease of access factors in the suburb. The whole house outfits the most recent modern technology and also a group of specialized and highly trained security guards.

    There is a state-of-the-art network of CCTV cams set up in the whole location for keeping an eye on the tasks. In short, this is a safe lodging place for your whole family members and loved ones.

    Load Shedding Free Zone

    This glamorous real estate plan has a guarantee for its occupants to give them a problem-free living experience. Following this, to remove any type of power cuts and also outs, they offered the real estate endeavor with backup power generators set up around the neighborhood. All that effort is for the guarantee of a smooth and also effective power supply.

    Additional Salient Features:

    • Windows and doors with double glazed
    • Health Club
    • Zoo
    • Multiple options available
    • Motion sensors
    • Attractive finishes
    • Noticeable front phase
    • High quality electric and plumbing
    • Fire alarms
    • Smart control apps
    • Mosque
    • Parks

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which documents are required for booking in Park View City Lahore?

    Below are the documents required to book property in this society:

    1. Passport size pictures (2 pictures)
    2. National Identity Card (2 copies)
    3. NICOP for overseas clients

    After completing the above documents, you can book a property by following the procedure below:

    1. Fill the booking application form carefully
    2. Attach CNIC copies
    3. Pay the down payment via pay order or cheque

    Is this society approved by LDA?

    Please get in touch with the official management for this matter.

    How do I cancel property files?

    Here are the steps to be followed:

    1. The owner needs to submit a request application.
    2. Collect the cancellation letter from the office.

    Is Park View City Lahore good investment?

    One of the biggest reasons to invest in Park View City Lahore is the reputable developers behind it. This project is a creation of the Vision Group, initiated in 2012 by Aleem Khan. Vision Group has a solid track record in the real estate industry, serving for a decade and successfully finishing multiple projects.


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