Iqbal Garden Lahore

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About Iqbal Garden Lahore

Iqbal Garden Lahore is a luxurious housing development that provides residents with a high-end lifestyle and up-to-date conveniences, amenities, and facilities. The neighborhood is gated and has 24-hour security for added peace of mind. The goal of society is to offer you the environment that you have always envisioned for your family. 

Iqbal Garden is led by Javaid Dastgir, who serves as CEO. It is a project that Grace Marketing is working on. Grace Marketing is well-known in the real estate sector and has completed a large number of projects in the allotted amount of time. 

A massive development project in Kala Shah Kaku with the overarching goal of providing families from the middle class with a quality of living experience that is both standard and affordable. This housing enterprise is an ultra-modern and fantastic project that will give residences in Kala Shah Kaku that are designed according to traditional architectural principles.

About Iqbal Garden Lahore N.O.C. Status

Currently, the Lahore Development Authority and the Town and Country Planning Authority have not given their approval. But there is also the possibility of using the land registry.

Iqbal Garden Lahore Location and Map

It is located on the Motorway Interchange in the Kala Shah Kaku neighborhood of Lahore. Going there from all of the city’s most notable neighborhoods is convenient. 

In addition to society’s proximity to Lahore’s leading educational institutions and medical facilities, the city’s main thoroughfares, including the Motorway, G.T.G.T. Road, and the Lahore Ring Road, can be easily reached. Notable Local Places of Interest, Including:

  • Anmol Hospital
  • Punjab Cadet College
  • University of Punjab
  • Virtual university
  • G.C. University 
  • C.P.S.U. Hospital 
  • Islamic University 
  • University of Health Sciences 
  • Virtual university

Iqbal Garden Master Plan

A group of professionals, including architects and civil engineers, collaborated to develop the Iqbal Garden Housing Scheme’s project plan blueprint. The construction of the housing community’s facilities is now receiving significant focus to help it compete favorably with those of other housing societies. 

Residential Plots

The following residential plots are now available under the Iqbal Garden Housing Scheme:

3 Marla
5 Marla
7 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The following kinds of commercial plots are available under the Iqbal Garden Housing Scheme:

2 Marla
4 Marla
8 Marla

Iqbal Garden Lahore Payment Plan

Iqbal Garden Lahore provides residential plots of 3, 5, 10, and 20 marlas and commercial plots of 2 and 4 marlas, with an easy payment plan spanning four or five years. The initial investment and the payout schedule are detailed here.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Iqbal Garden Lahore offers residential plots of 3, 5, 10, and 20 marlas in easy installments of five years. The payment schedule is here.

Note: Old Payment Plan– Old Booking is Available

3 Marla

  • Complete Price: PKR 1,095,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 200,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 7,500 (Per month x 48)
  • 6 Month Installment: PKR 45,000 (45,000 x 8)
  • Balloting: PKR 75,000
  • Possession: PKR 100,000

5 Marla

  • Complete Price: PKR 1,750,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 300,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 11,000 (Per month x 48)
  • 6 Month Installment: PKR 75,000 (75,000 x 8)
  • Balloting: PKR 150,000
  • Possession: PKR 175,000

10 Marla

  • Complete Price: PKR 3,350,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 600,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 18,500 (Per month x 48)
  • 6 Month Installment: PKR 150,000 (150,000 x 8)
  • Balloting : PKR 275,000
  • Possession: PKR 400,000

Possession Plots Payment Plan

Here is the payment plan for possession plots:

3 Marla

  • Complete Price: PKR 1,500,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 520,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 15,000 (Per month x 24)
  • Quarterly Installment: PKR 50,000 (Quarterly x 8)
  • Allocation: PKR 110,000
  • Possession: PKR 110,000

5 Marla

  • Complete Price: PKR 2,500,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 800,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 20,000 (Monthly x 24)
  • Quarterly Installment: PKR 100,000 (Quarterly x 8)
  • Allocation: PKR 210,000
  • Possession: PKR 210,000

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Iqbal Garden also offers commercial plots of 2 and 4 marlas with an easy payment plan of four or five years. 

Main Boulevard (2 Marla)

  • Down Payment: PKR 750,000
  • Allocation: PKR 300,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 51,875
  • 6 Months Installment: PKR 100,000 (Every 6th Month)
  • Possession: PKR 300,000
  • Total: PKR 2,995,000

Main Boulevard (4 Marla)

  • Down Payment: PKR 3,000,000
  • Allocation: PKR 1,850,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 125,000
  • 6 Months Installment: PKR 325,000 (Every 6th Month)
  • Possession: PKR 1,850,000
  • Total: PKR 11,000,000

Overseas Block Payment Plan

The Iqbal Garden Overseas Block offers a flexible payment plan designed to make owning property easier. With options for installment payments, it caters to various budget needs. This plan ensures that people interested in the Overseas Block can invest in their dream property with convenience and peace of mind.

3 Marla

  • Complete Payment: PKR 1,260,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 200,000
  • Balloting: PKR 225,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 8, 000 (Monthly x 60)
  • 6 Month Installment: PKR 35,000 (6 Months x 10)

5 Marla

  • Complete Payment: PKR 1,750,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 300,000
  • Balloting: PKR 300,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 11,000 (Monthly x 60) 
  • 6 Month Installment: PKR 49,000 (6 Months x 10)

10 Marla

  • Complete Payment: PKR 3,500,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 600,000
  • Balloting: PKR 600,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 25,000 (Monthly x 60) 
  • 6 Month Installment: PKR 80,000 (6 Months x 10)

20 Marla

  • Complete Payment: PKR 6,000,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 1,000,000
  • Balloting: PKR 1,000,000
  • Monthly Installment: PKR 40,000 (Monthly x 60)
  • 6 Month Installment: PKR 160,000 (6 Months x 10)

Iqbal Garden Features and Amenities

In addition to providing its residents with standard facilities, the building also includes several noteworthy and distinctive features exclusive to the project. Its goal is to provide its citizens access to all the conveniences and amenities a modern society can offer. The following is a list of short descriptions of the benefits that the society provides:

  • Universities
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • 24/7 Security
  • Gated Community
  • Theme Parks
  • Wide Roads
  • Waste Management
  • Motorway Interchange
  • Schools
  • Markets
  • Commercial Avenue
  • Ring Road Interchange

For Booking

If you want to book a plot in Iqbal Garden Lahore, simply submit your phone number to request a call from Titanium Agency and Homes.