Navigating Power of Attorney for Real Estate in Pakistan

Purchasing or transferring property in Pakistan requires completing legal paperwork known as power of attorney (POA). This authorizes an agent or attorney to act on the owner’s behalf in property dealings.

While convenient, granting POA also carries risks without proper precautions. Let’s examine the government departments involved in verifying and registering POA for real estate.

Getting POA Attested

The first step is attesting the POA by presenting the original ID cards of both parties granting and receiving authority at the local union council. This confirms identities and consent.

Registering with Sub-Registrar

Once attested, the POA requires registration with the Sub-Registrar’s office under the Registration Act. Paying the nominal registration fee and submitting photocopies enters it into official records, enabling property transactions using the POA.

Board of Revenue’s Role

The Board of Revenue maintains POA records and verifies registered documents when required. Property dealers and lawyers obtain POA confirmation from the Board of Revenue before large transactions.

This checks for any disputes over the POA that could risk the deal. Following this three-step process ensures POA legality for hassle-free property transfers or sales. Consult property lawyers for advice before granting extensive POA rights. Handle POA registration promptly once signed by both parties.

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